Pre-Paid Cards For Convenient Payments

Promote Your Brand While Making Payments

You can make a variety of payments with the help of our extremely convenient pre-paid cards. This is a very popular option with companies because it gives payees easy access to their funds while also ensuring excellent brand recall at the same time. In fact, many companies prefer to use this option because they get to give their payers an attractively branded prepaid card that serves as advertisement for their business.

BLUEONE CARD® can create and manage a pre-paid card program for you in many countries around the world, so that you can expand your business in these areas. Our card program is available in many different currencies as well, enabling you to pay your associates in the currency of their choice.

You can use BLUEONE CARD® pre-paid cards in many different situations, some of which could be:

  • Commissions, dividends or incentives
  • Relocation expenses
  • Insurance Claims
  • Corporate prepaid card

This is a very cost effective and efficient way of making payments and we will help work out a plan that suits your needs. Our pre-paid card payment option is very beneficial for your business since it offers multiple advantages.

  • Paying money with prepaid cards is far cheaper than sending out checks on your behalf
  • The money gets credited to the account instantly
  • People who do not have bank accounts for some reason can be paid using this method
  • Your payees have a good reminder of your company as long as they use the pre-paid card.

From the point of view of the payee, pre-paid cards are a very hassle proof method of getting money since they can

  • Make use of the funds whenever they want without necessarily having cash in their wallet.
  • People increasingly prefer to use plastic instead of currency because of the many conveniences such as online shopping.
  • Spend money without having to go through the bother of credit checks

The pre paid MasterCard is perfect for the general public.

The card can be pre-loaded and can then be used as a MasterCard anywhere in the world that supports the MasterCard payment platform.

Excellent Customer Support

Our prepaid card program enables you to make payments, and is hassle-free. Our representatives will take you through the entire process of starting and running

the program so that you know exactly what to expect. We offer customer support in multiple languages via email or telephone so that payees can make good use of our cards and have a positive impression of your company.


Prepaid card programs can be used to handle a number of traditionally tricky payment processes.