Build Your Brand Visibility Whenever You Make A Payment

BLUEONE CARD® doesn’t just enable you make payments quickly, inexpensively and conveniently; we also help you market your company very effectively and powerfully since our products can be used as brand building tools. In fact, we help you advertise your products and services whenever you make a payment or your customers use your co-branded credit or debit cards. What’s more, you can achieve this without spending too much money.

Your company’s name and logo are very important assets of yours since they enable you to do increased business; you undoubtedly try to promote them in as many ways as possible. We can feature them, in addition to any other important information such as address and contact details, on all of the products we make on your behalf. For instance, we can print your details on co-branded cards and checks so that the person who receives them sees them clearly and your company name becomes very conspicuous. Similarly, we can also include them on all electronic communication done on your behalf.

By featuring your brand

prominently on our custom made payment

products, we help you:

  • Advertise your business
  • Build loyalty with all of your payees irrespective of where they are located
  • Increase your presence online so that your company is easy to locate on the internet.
  • Ensure consistency of your image across various media
  • Get a high level of recall in your clients’ minds
  • Enable your payees to promote your business (affiliates etc)
  • Get increased participation in your loyalty programs


The advantages of brand building are so many that you simply cannot afford to miss out on them. Let us know your specific requirements and we will offer you a product that meets it as well as possible. Featuring your brand name and logo is a very simple way to get the features listed above without having to launch a new program for it.

BLUEONE CARD® can help make your business more profitable without too much of an effort. In fact, every time you make a payment to your associates, we increase the impact of it by using the right branding solutions. All you have to do is provide us with your logo and other relevant material in electronic form; we will incorporate them in the desired manner.

Click here to find out more about the products we offer. We will be glad to create a customized program featuring your company logo in order to help you with your branding.