Customer Support

Dedicated Customer Support To Help Your Business

At BLUEONE CARD®, we know how important customer support is, especially since we are in the business of money. Accordingly, we have put a very good system in place to answer all possible queries that come our way concerning our various products. In other words, both you and your payees will get quick resolutions to any issues that might arise . Therefore, you can expect the least possible dilemma associated with the use of our products and this will have a positive impact on your business.

The customer support team at BLUEONE CARD® has all the necessary resources to field all questions and we strive to ensure that all queries are answered satisfactorily in a very short time. We maintain very high standards of professionalism because we know very well that the lack of good customer support can sour the user’s experience. Our response standards are high and are based upon Service Level Agreements in place with our customers.

BLUEONE CARD® Customer Support Reduces Your Workload

As a customer of BLUEONE CARD®, you can be sure that any product related questions from your payees will be answered quickly and professionally.

We strive to help your business by ensuring that.

    • Product roll outs happen smoothly and information is available to you at every stage.
  • Your payees are very satisfied with any of our products that they come in contact with.

We assure you all possible assistance to make our products easy to use, whether you have signed up for our prepaid cards, checks or a bank transfer to a foreign destination. Your payees are sure to have a number of questions across a wide range of subjects, and we ensure you that we answer them all.

Questions can be answered

in a variety of ways including:

  • Product FAQs
  • How-to product guides
  • Call to a in-house representative
  • Email

Our customer support services are multi-lingual since many of our clients have users located in different parts of the world.

Trained and Dedicated Customer Service Employees

Our customer service employees receive a lot of training in how to provide timely and accurate information about our products in the event that any person is unable to understand our detailed documentation. We are eager to help answer your questions in order to ensure that our products are used properly.