Global Coverage

Secure, Cost Effective and Timely Global Payments

BLUEONE CARD® is your most important asset when making payments to a number of people located in different parts of the world.

Businesses with payees distributed globally benefit from our expertise and network since we offer highly efficient systems to make mass payments across many locations in the world.

You can make payments to your business associates located in different parts of the world by using from one of the many options we offer, including:

  • Credit Cards
  • Prepaid Debit Cards
  • Money Transfer
  • Gift Cards
  • Checks

Have a talk with our customer representative to find out which option works best for you.

Expand Your Business Globally – BLUEONE CARD® Will Stand By You

Managing timely and accurate payments to people located all over the world can be time consuming and costly; you might not have the resources to do it efficiently enough.

You can rely on BLUEONE CARD® to help your business expand globally since we ensure that

  • Your payees get the money due to them without any delay since transaction time is cut down drastically. Furthermore, we employ customized systems to make the payments quickly and correctly.
  • The transactions are perfectly secured and zero liability.
  • Transactions are cost effective, which enables you to maintain desired levels of profitability. We use reliable and experienced local payment services to keep costs and delivery time under control. We keep foreign exchange transfer fees to the bare minimum in order to provide you with increased savings.
  • Wide coverage is offered, and you can send money to more than 170 countries located all over the globe.
  • Your payees can be paid in the currencies of their choice from the large list we make available to you.

BLUEONE CARD® helps your business run smoothly and profitably since regular and timely payments ensure that your associates remain loyal to your company and stay motivated to keep doing work for you, irrespective of where they are located.

BLUEONE CARD® Maintains Infrastructure To Ensure Reliable Global Payments

It just doesn’t make sense for you to maintain relationships with local payment agents in different countries because of the costs and work involved. All you have to do is entrust the job of money transfers to BLUEONE CARD® since the volumes of business we do enables us to maintain the necessary association with networks at cost effective rates.
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Wide coverage is offered, and you can send money

to more than 170 countries located

all over the globe.