Simple and Cost Effective Mass Payment Options
We Specialize In Helping You Transfer Money Quickly And Easily

BlueOne Card® is a company that makes it very easy for you to make mass payments of all sorts, and have customers in a wide range of industries, with the number of end users amounting to millions.


The team at BlueOne Card® comprises of people who are passionate about what they do and eager to make a difference to our clients’ businesses. We have drawn our team members from a variety of industries including banking, marketing and information technology, which enables us to latest technology in our work, along with high levels of creativity. We believe very much in having integrity and this shows up in the long term relationships we have built with our clients.


The key to our success is that we believe in working alongside you to arrive at solutions that meet your needs the best, using proprietary software programs. We have also invested in the latest technology in order to ensure that all transactions are conducted securely. You can be sure that no information belonging to you or your clients will go astray once it has been given to us. Our state of the art servers ensure that all transactions happen quickly and without any interruptions.

The solutions we offer enable you to manage mass payments very efficiently, so that there is no question of money going astray. Financial institutions show a marked preference for our product on account of their convenience and reliability.but financial institutions also show a marked preference for them on account of their convenience and reliability. Furthermore, we have local networks so that transfer fees can be brought down to the absolute minimum whilst increasing speed of delivery.

BlueOne Card® is a leading provider of innovative payout solutions and prepaid card solution to consumers and corporations in more than 30 countries transforming Card-to-Card Cross Border Real Time Global Money Transfers. BlueOne Card® is headquartered in Los Angeles, California U.S.A.


We can create co-branded debit and credit card programs in addition to offering you services such as Check Delivery and Payment by Cash. We have world-wide reach, thanks to our many business partnerships and our products are accepted in millions of establishments located in different parts of the world. In addition, we have long term associations with leading banks and financial institutions, thanks to which we can deal in many different currencies all over the world.
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