Enhance Your Business With BlueOne Card® Payment Solutions We Help You Build Customer Loyalty

We offer a wide range of custom made payment solutions, such as co-branded prepaid cards that you can use to expand your customer base. BLUEONE CARD® is one of the most established names in the business of offering and managing white label card programs. In fact, you can partner with us to reach customers and associates in almost every country.

Getting into a partnership with BLUEONE CARD® it is already good for your business. We enable you to offer your customers a wide range of payment choices so that they find it easy to do business with you. Customers like to be given many payment solutions so that they can choose the one that suits them at a particular point of time. Simply by clicking on the option.

About Us

Simple and Cost Effective Mass Payment Options We Specialize In Helping You Transfer Money Quickly And Easily

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Once you entrust the job to us, we will create a solution that your payees to promote your business make bulk payments easily and quickly.

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Global Coverage

BLUEONE CARD® can be your most important asset in case you require to make payments to a number of people located in different parts of the world.

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Customer Support

You can use BLUEONE CARD®, any product related questions from your payees will be answered quickly and professionally.

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Affordable Check Delivery


BLUEONE CARD® gives you the ability

to send checks to your list of payees at

very affordable rates. We have established

excellent relationships with financial institutions in the places

covered by our service options.


Versatile and Flexible Payment Solutions From BLUEONE CARD®

Products of BLUEONE CARD® can be used in a wide range of situations. Once you partner with us, we will work together to build a payment solution that enhances your business in the most cost effective manner.

Some of the most popular applications include:

    • E-Wallet: once you offer this feature on your website if you use it to give customers additional services
    • Commission Payout: You can put in a systematic and hassle-free method for commission payments, especially to make MLM or Affiliate payments
    • Check delivery: We will mail out checks to payees based upon your instructions
    • Cash by Agent: Money can be made available at destinations all over the world
    • Co-branded Cards:  Features such as client’s logo, company name.
  • Rewards Programs: You can offer your customers cash back rewards using our cards

Industry Knowledge + High Technology = Most Effective Solutions

At BLUEONE CARD®, we use the latest technology to offer you cost effective and reliable products that you can use to build your business without taking up your costs dramatically. We place a great deal of importance on online security, since we know that this is one of the most important concerns of your end users. At the same time, we make sure that our products are simple and easy to use.

BLUEONE CARD® promises

to offer you a high level of personalized service

and we will work alongside you to create payment

solutions that suit your needs perfectly.